so basically i'm a 30-something mom of two, a full-time photographer & artist. my passions include travelling, reading, staring into space, and warm embraces.

right brained, left winged, mostly frazzled, i possess an INFP personality and belong to the Hogwarts House of Slytherin. Of course, you needed to know that.


light just makes sense to me.

that's probably why i followed the path to photography. i love playing with, searching for and bending rules with natural light. always i strive to avoid the cliche, to be creative and original, to capture precious moments in a unique and truthful way.

connection is important to me; it's something i strive towards and believe in. that is what i want to capture, freeze and hold, forever. those moments of connection, where emotion lives. love inspires me as an artist. photography allows me to savour the things i hold precious in this life..moments, memories, love itself, people...the moments in between...a whispered word, a fleeting glance. photographing people holds a special place in my heart, particularly when emotions are high and moments are big.

my style has been described as creative, natural, fine art and 'dreamy'. a combination of photo-journalistic/ documentary style - capturing the day/event as it unfolds in real and truthful images - and editorial - creatively composed images.