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so here’s the obligatory bit about me…

so basically i'm a 30-something mom of two, and full-time photographer & artist.

right brained, left winged, mostly frazzled, a true INFP and proud Ravenclaw. obviously you needed to know that.

art, in all it’s forms, has always moved my soul like nothing else.

light makes sense to me and photography is the perfect medium to play with it, search for it and bend it’s rules.

i believe i offer something unique...something true and unafraid, something natural and comfortable and in the end something to be treasured. i'm obsessed with the idea that a moment of joy can last, suspended in space, frozen in time, to be relived over again. those moments of connection, where emotions live.

love inspires me as an artist. photography allows me to savour the things i hold precious in this life...moments, memories, love itself, people...the moments in between...a whispered word, a fleeting glance.

my style has been described as creative, natural, fine art and 'dreamy'. a 'combination of photo-journalistic or documentary style - capturing the day/event as it unfolds in real and truthful images - and editorial - creatively composed images.'

i describe my 'style' as raw, authentic, emotive and unpretentious. 

here's a shout out to all the people who resonate with this idea...i hope i get to meet you and be a part of your moment in time. 

Random useless information about me:

I must always have flowers. I blame the moon for everything.

I’m in love with just about every film by the Wachowski’s & Sofia Coppola. I listen to 90’s rock pretty much all day everyday. I’ve read Jane Eyre & Harry Potter an unnatural amount of times.

I’m slightly obsessed with Marina Abramovic, Frida Kahlo & Annie Leibovitz (obviously). I really really really want to go to Iceland, Antelope Canyon & Mexico.

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