I treasure clients like Candice & Andrew. So in love, so easy going.  I loved capturing their day.
Thank you guys for being so awesome!

Where did you meet:

Andrew and I met on our first year orientation camp in Simon's Town. I got his attention by shouting out loud in the eating hall that 'Somerset West sucks' (Andrew was from Somerset West). He got a bit offended by this and asked me to take this back, which I refused. He then proceeded to pick me up and throw me into the pool fully clothed! We were inseparable ever since ;)

How would we describe ourselves as a couple:

C:We love spending quality time with friends and family and are real homebodies. We absolutely love to have fun, act silly & have a good laugh! We are simply best friends who fell in love.

A: I think we are fun and really crazy at times. We enjoy doing silly things. Candice likes to sing in funny accents and I enjoy making fun in another accent. We also value friendship and family and we make a lot of effort with them. Showing them that they are important to us.

When did we know that he/she was the one:

C: We didn't have a defining moment when we knew that each other was "the one", but our relationship as a whole progressed naturally into something deep and meaningful. Sticking it out through the bad stuff, the good stuff, and each other's weird quirks, showed us both that we could conquer anything together and that this relationship was meant to be. 

A: There was no specific moment that let me know Candice was the one, but it was us falling in love and being so close that we wanted to make the relationship sealed forever in marriage. We had planned from early on that we wanted to get married so it was inevitable.

Idea/theme/inspiration behind decor:

A colour scheme was easy for us because Andrew's favourite colour is soft green and my color-obsession at the time was coral. Luckily the two go so well together. We also love a slight vintage theme which is where the hessian and lace elements came into play. The origami birds made out of old books, the stacks of books on the table, and the chalkboard written table numbers were alluding to both our careers as teachers.   

Coordinator: Elritha from Morgenhof | Venue: Morgenhof Wine Estate, Stellenbosch | Make-up artist: Kiss and Tell | Hair Stylist: Hayley's Hair | Florist: Blloming Wondeful (Green Goddess for brides bouquet) | Hiring& Decor : Blooming Wonderful

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