Love. Lightning. Burn. Ash. Bone. Soft. Free.

Styled shoots abound, I am hesitant to do many of these, as I sometimes feel that they can be unrealistic and void of real meaning...I prefer to capture real emotion and moments. That said, I appreciate the creative side and being able to create something beautiful. I knew, that if I did one again, I wanted it to be something unique and authentic, and I wanted to work with creative, original artists.

The inspiration was simple. That a wedding does not need to be mainstream, in fashion or trendy. It does not need a color scheme or a theme, and you don't need to spend a fortune or invite a thousand guests, to make your wedding day meaningful. It can be a contrast and a compromise. Elements can be contradictory and fuse perfectly. Soft and hard, old and new, modern and classic. We even shot in a burned field where lighting had struck and created a massive fire a few days prior. The wind blew half of our decor to shreds, but in the end, we created something magical.

Desert landscape has always inspired me and I really wanted to do this in a desert, but, living in the Western Cape, such dry open spaces are not all that close by. I loved the look and feel of the Kouebokkeveld, close to Ceres in the Western Cape, and ultimately I chose Kaleo Farm, a stunning wedding venue in the area. 

I asked some of the most talented and creative service providers to collaborate with me on this one, and I was blown away by what they came up with. Liezl of Liezl Kotze Floral Art was a gem to work with. I just love her vision and creativity. Marnel Toerien painted Tehillah's gorgeous face to perfection, and her sister, Janita Toerien, created the most stunning, flowy, edgy wedding gown I have ever seen. I asked Tehillah & Skillie of Kikitography to model for me, as I love their style & vibe. 

Thank you so much to everyone who gave so much for this amazing shoot. Enjoy...