*How did you meet? 
 Living abroad brings South Africans together! Having mutual friends played a big part in our relationship. He bragged that he can make the best pancakes and so invited me over .....

How would you describe yourself as a couple?
We are actually quite opposite in personalities but compliment each other very well. I am loud, crazy and creative. He is quiet, calm and relaxed. Although this sounds sooooo wrong it works perfectly.

*When did you know He/She was The One?

Ilse: When I ate his pancakes.

Frederick:  When she came along to watch a rugby game and did not complaint once. 

*The wedding

I started a couple of years ago with scrapbooking and my creative side came alive. 
 After several photo pages and flicking through the my scrapbook, I realized I am really in to the rustic and lace idea. I started buying bridal magazines and using Pinterest. Pinterest became my new best friend. Somewhere in being a grown up, there was still a bit of child inside me and I was fascinated with butterflies. I've done a bit of window shopping online and discovered all these beautiful and interesting butterfly decor. Collecting all these different butterflies was not easy though. I did not base our wedding around a specific colour, instead I chose decor that I liked and complimented each other. Organizing a wedding from overseas was extremely difficult and I relied a lot on my florist to do most of the decor. I have put a lot of thought and energy into my decor and made most of it myself. Since our engagement I took snap shots of everything I liked and adapted these ideas to make them my own.

*Service providers below:
-Planner/Coordinator: Myself
-Venue: Leeuwrivier Wellington
-Make-up artist: Elzette Smith
-Hair Stylist: Noelette Holtzhausen
-Decor: Rassie Marais
-Florist: Rassie Marais
-Hiring: To-nette's en Classy Hire