2016 has been a challenge. Globally, things have not been great and personally it has been challenging, all be it transformative. But, I am thankful for what this year has given me. With recent events in Syria and other violent acts during this year; oppression and xenophobia rampant everywhere, I can only be deeply thankful for the free and beautiful life we live and take for granted each day. I have spent beautiful moments with my family, and I have not had time to share any of them. Today, after taking my kids to the Doctor's office for their check-up, I decided that I would do a quick blog post in honour of another year of being a lucky-fish. Our kids have had birthdays, we have visited some lovely spots, including Old mac Daddy and River's Edge. We have travelled, played outside, cooked, read and laughed together, a liberty many do not have.

Cheers 2016.