How time has past... has it been a full year...

I count it in laughter. In tears. In moments gone in an instant, but treasured forever. 

I try to remember everything.

To live in every moment and never let it go.

Everyone warns you.."Your life will be over", You'll never be the same". 

This used to offend me, but now I understand. 

I don't want my my old life. I don't want to be the same. I just want now. With you.

With you life is more beautiful, more alive, vibrant, tangible, terrifying, real.

I didn't know I could love my husband more...
Being her father, seeing how she adores him and how he light up everytime he sees her,
has made me love him in a way I did not think possible.
Thank you to my husband for taking the photos of me & her.

Flower Crown by Green Goddess Flower Studio.
Cake by Pinch of Love.
Wardrobe, all gifts, babies own.
(Thank you to my mother in law for hand knitting jerseys)
(Thank you to Yvette for the tutu, Adri for the baby-grow and Nicky for the stockings)