just You and me, your devotee

close as the bark and the Tree


your secret keeper

your daughter, yet deeper


you were all of everything

all the songs I dreamed to sing


You gave your self as did I

surely, none of this could ever Die


yet here You are not, and I thought I was there

to whom shall we allot the most solitude to bear


I wish it was translucently clear

You are the wound most raw and dear


all that is seen is the dark hole we Both left

the truth is that it too was a theft


i wish it were simpler, much less complex

not this empty tormenting mess


for the longing is much but most of all

simply an unexpected phone call


the question hangs, who is to blame

a mountain of unanswered…let’s just say game


for sparing feelings and hiding pain

is the game we play, again and again